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YT28 pneumatic rock drills use compressed air to bore holes in rocks for mining, construction, and geological exploration.

Pneumatic Rock Drill User Guide

1.Maximizing Efficiency: Proper Maintenance of Pneumatic Rock Drills

Newly purchased Pneumatic rock drills are internally coated with anti-rust grease of high viscosity, so it is better to disassemble and clean them before use. When reassembling, each moving part should be coated with lubricant. After assembly, connect the pneumatic rock drill to the pressure line, open the small air operation, and check whether its function is normal. Inject lubricating oil into the automatic oil injector, commonly used lubricating oil is 20#, 30#, and 40# machine oil. The container of lubricating oil should be clean and covered to prevent rock powder and dirt from entering the oiler.

2.Optimizing Performance: Maintaining Air leg Rock Drill Pressure

Check the air pressure and water pressure at the workplace. The value of air pressure is 0.4-0.6MPa, too high air pressure will accelerate the damage of mechanical parts, and too low air pressure will reduce the efficiency of rock drilling and rust mechanical parts. The water pressure is generally 0.2-0.3MPa. If the water pressure is too high, the water will be poured into the machine, which will destroy the lubrication, reduce the efficiency of the pneumatic rock drill and corrode the mechanical parts; if the water pressure is too low, the flushing effect is not good. Check whether the drill pipe meets the quality requirements, and try to use qualified drill pipes.

3.Efficient and Safe Usage of the Best yt27 rock drill Rock Drill

When the air duct is connected to the pneumatic rock drill, the air should be released first to blow out the dirt inside. Before connecting the water pipe, release water to flush out the dirt at the joint. The air pipe and water pipe must be tightened to prevent falling off and injuring people. Insert the end of the drill pipe into the head of the rock drill and turn the drill pipe clockwise with force, if it cannot be turned, it means there is a jam in the rock drill and it should be dealt with in time.

4.Air Rock Drill Setup: Tightening and Checking for Safety

Tighten the coupling bolts and check the operation of the air leg by turning on the air, and the operation should be normal before starting to work. The rail-type rock drill should be erected, the propeller’s operation should be checked, and the air leg rock drill and upward-type rock drill should be checked for the flexibility of the air leg rock drill.

5.Optimizing Hydraulic System for Mining rock drilling

The pneumatic rock drill should be required to have good sealing of the hydraulic system to prevent the hydraulic oil from being contaminated to ensure that the hydraulic oil has constant pressure.
The above is the tutorial for using the newly purchased pneumatic rock drill.


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