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Pneumatic Equipment Manufacturing

Raw Material & Testing :

To ensure that our products meet various requirements, we select a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous alloy bars, plates, tubes, castings, and forgings from well-known domestic and foreign suppliers. All raw materials are subject to strict screening tests.


We have a series of advanced machining lines, including high-precision CNC lathes and multi-axis CNC milling machines. The machine tools are from the famous manufacturer Mazak (Japan), etc. Online quality assurance is carried out at every step.

Heat Treatment :

Three main steps are involved: heating, holding, and cooling. The specific temperature, time, and cooling rate used in each step depends on the type of material being treated and the desired properties. The three main types of heat treatment are annealing, quenching, and tempering. The furnace has a range of facilities, including but not limited to carburizing, nitriding, volume hardening, annealing, and tempering, designed to improve the strength, hardness, toughness, ductility, or other mechanical properties of the material, making it more resistant to wear, corrosion, and fatigue.

Grinding :

The factory has imported high-precision grinding machines, whose accuracy can be maintained within 3 microns. The grinding machine is equipped with an advanced control system and sensors that are capable of high-precision cutting. The grinding machine is also equipped with various advanced functions such as an adaptive control system, multi-axis linkage, automatic grinding wheel compensation, etc., thus ensuring the accuracy of the workpiece.

Surface Treatment :

We offer a wide range of surface treatment options for pneumatic tool manufacturers, including sandblasting, coating, and painting. These finishes not only significantly extend the life of the tools, but also provide personalized appearance and logo customization according to customer requirements. Our solutions enable us to create unique products for our customers and make their tools stand out in the field.

Assembly & Testing :

Assembly and testing are performed on a custom test rig by a team that has been involved in the production and development of pneumatic tools for many years. Each assembled pneumatic tool is tested for torque, BPM, and air consumption. After successful testing, each pneumatic tool receives a unique test certificate to ensure its quality.

Quality Control

Quality Assurance

Shenglida growth strategy is based on a total quality management system, synergistic influence within the company, and global market orientation.

The product quality meets and exceeds international standards and customer requirements. Our products are manufactured using only high-quality materials and conform to a quality assurance system based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The company places great emphasis on total quality management to prevent poor quality, meet delivery conditions, and maintain strict standards. This task is the responsibility of the management, led by the company’s Chairman. All members of management are responsible for the effective implementation of the quality policy.

In conclusion, we strive to build good mutual relations and all our efforts are customer oriented we want to provide products that meet customer requirements. We want to increase our customers’ confidence based on mutual sincere cooperation, open communication, and efficient problem-solving. We provide advice and solutions to our customers that will convince everyone that Sanlida is a reliable and competent business partner.

The tools are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities with the best VMC, CNC, and NC-controlled heat treatment equipment. the TQM process insists on starting with the selection of the highest quality alloy steel. The inspection and quality assurance of production equipment, raw materials, and semi-finished and finished products is carried out by the Quality Assurance Department, which is directly under the control of the Chairman of the Board. This inspection has a professional guiding role and we strive to constantly monitor and improve our processes to ensure the highest quality products are provided.