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Pneumatic rock drills:

Pneumatic rock drills:Precautions before use

1、Check the integrity and rotation of all parts (including rock drill, bracket, or rock drill cart) before rock drilling, add necessary lubricant, check the air system, whether the water injection system is smooth, and whether each connection joint is firm.
2、Tapping near the working face, i.e. check whether there are live rocks and loose rocks on the roof and second gang near the working face, and make necessary treatment.
3、The drilling position which needs to be leveled on the working face should be pounded flat before drilling to prevent slippage or displacement of drilling.
4. It is strictly forbidden to drill without water injection, and to insist on wet rock drilling, turn on the water switch first and then the pneumatic switch when operating, and turn off the pneumatic switch first and then the water switch when stopping drilling. Start drilling at low speed, and then drill at full speed after drilling to a certain depth.
5、No gloves are allowed to be worn when drilling (to prevent fingers from getting involved).
6、When drilling with the air-legged rock drill, pay attention to the standing posture and position, not rely on the body to implement pressure, and do not stand in front of the Pneumatic rock drills from doing work under the drill pipe, to prevent the drill pipe from breaking and injuring people.
7、If an abnormal sound is found in rock drilling, or if the rock powder or water discharge is abnormal, the machine should be stopped and checked to find out the cause and eliminate it before continuing to drill.
8、When withdrawing from the rock drill or replacing the drill pipes, the Pneumatic rock drills can run slowly, and always pay attention to the withdrawal position of the drill pipe of the mining rock drilling.


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