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LGDY, KSDY Electric Mobile Screw Air Compressor Series: A Comprehensive Maintenance Guide

 Kaishan (KSDY) screw air compressor

KSDYscrew air compressor Introduction

In the industrial world, air compressors play a crucial role in various applications. Among them, the {screw air compressor} stands out as a reliable and efficient choice. This article will focus on the Kaishan (KSDY) series of screw air compressors, discussing their features, maintenance parameters, and product advantages.

Product Overview

The Kaishan (KSDY) screw air compressor is a cutting-edge innovation in the field. It boasts a robust axial and radial bearing system, ensuring an exceptionally long lifespan. Each product is meticulously engineered and chemically ground to deliver superior performance and efficiency. Furthermore, these compressors require smaller motor horsepower while producing larger exhaust volumes, making them a cost-effective and powerful choice for various industrial applications.

Maintenance Parameters

To maintain the optimal performance of the {industrial rotary air compressors}, adherence to specific maintenance parameters is crucial. Here are the recommended maintenance intervals for various components:

Screw Air Compressor Oil Filter: The oil filter should undergo maintenance every 500 hours, with the next maintenance scheduled at 1000 hours.

Screw Air Compressor Air Filter: Maintenance of the air filter should take place every 1000 hours. If the operating environment is harsh, it is advisable to shorten this interval as needed.

Screw Air Compressor Oil and Gas Separation Core: The oil and gas separation core require maintenance every 2000 hours.

Screw Compressor Screw Coolant: Maintenance of the screw coolant should occur at 500 hours, with subsequent maintenance every 1000 hours.

Screw Air Compressor Motor Bearing Grease: The usage duration for motor bearing grease should be in accordance with the instructions provided on the TV sticker.

KSDY Electric Mobile Screw Air Compressor Series

Product Features

The Kaishan (KSDY) screw air compressor series offers a range of exceptional features:

High Reliability: The screw-type design of the compressor ensures outstanding reliability.

Sturdy Chassis Configuration: The compressor is equipped with a sturdy chassis, enabling it to withstand harsh working conditions with ease.

Easy Maintenance: The wing-spreading open door design on both sides of the compressor makes maintenance a breeze.

Compact and Lightweight: The entire compressor is compact and lightweight, facilitating easy on-site mobility.

Additionally, the intelligent man-machine interface display provides a comprehensive view of the system’s running status. The compressor comes with various protective features, such as power supply cutoff in the event of a phase disconnection or over-temperature condition. The automatic unloading feature ensures a smoother shutdown, avoiding stress on the system during start-ups.

In conclusion, the Kaishan (KSDY) electric mobile screw air compressor series is a highly efficient and durable solution for a wide range of industrial applications. By adhering to the recommended maintenance parameters, users can ensure its longevity and optimal performance throughout its operational life.

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Q: What are the maintenance intervals for the Kaishan (KSDY) screw air compressor?

A: The maintenance intervals for the Kaishan (KSDY) screw air compressor are as follows:

Oil filter: 500 hours, next at 1000 hours

Air filter: 1000 hours (shorten if operating environment is poor)

Oil and gas separation core: 2000 hours

Screw coolant: 500 hours, next at 1000 hours

Motor bearing grease: Refer to TV sticker instructions.

Q: What are the key features of the Kaishan (KSDY) screw air compressor series?

A: The key features include strong axial and radial bearings for longevity, intelligent man-machine interface, robust chassis, easy maintenance design, compact and lightweight build, and various protective features.

screw air compressor for sale


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