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Pneumatic paving breaker B87C TPB60

Pneumatic paving breaker Guide to using


1、Before using the air pick, oil the air pick for lubrication.
2、When using a gas pick, there should be no less than 3 spare gas picks and each gas pick should not last longer than 2.5h.
3、When operating, hold the handle of the pick and press it tightly in the direction of chiseling, so that the pick braze can be strongly held against the braze sleeve.
4、The inner diameter of the air pipe should be the same as that of the air pick, and the length should not exceed 12m to ensure the cleanliness and cleanliness of the pipe as well as the solid and reliable connection of the air pipe joint.
5、Don’t insert the pick into the broken object to Prevent automatic work.
6、When the pick is stuck into the titanium lump, do not shake the air pick vigorously to avoid damage to the body.
7、When operating, choose a reasonable braze, according to the different hardness of the titanium lump, choose different braze, the harder the titanium lump, the shorter the braze, and pay attention to check the heat of the braze tail to prevent the braze from jamming.
8. Always check whether the chisel bit and braze are burrs and deal with them in time, and do not use burrs to work.
9. Prevent automatic work.

Daily maintenance

1、The normal working air pressure of the Pneumatic paving breaker is 0.4-0.63MPa, and the lubricant should be added every 2h during normal operation. When injecting oil, first remove the air pipe joint, tilt the air pick, press the pick handle, and inject the oil from the linkage pipe (or inject the oil at the air outlet).
2、Disassemble the air pick at least twice a week during use, clean it with clean kerosene, blow it dry, and apply lubricating oil, then assemble it. If the parts are found to be worn out and out of order, they should be replaced in time, and it is strictly forbidden to work with a faulty air pick.
3、When the accumulated use time of the air pick reaches more than 8h, the air pick should be cleaned.
4、If the air pick is idle for more than one week, it should be oiled and maintained.
5、Timely polish the burr pick

Machine maintenance

1、Take out no less than 3 spare air picks and no more than 3 air picks to be overhauled.
2、Send the Pneumatic paving breaker for an overhaul for no more than 2 days.
3、The interval for grinding the brazing mouth of in-use picks should not exceed 15 days.
4、When the air pick is scrapped, the average life span is not less than 100t sponge titanium/each.
5、For the broken chisel bit, can be recycled and polished
6、When the wind picks are scrapped and cannot be used, the usable parts should be recycled and the scrapped wind picks should be sorted and stacked uniformly.

Operation rules

I. Precautions before work.

1、Check the safety of the working surface.
2、Check the air volume and blow the dirt in the air pipe.
3、Check whether the air filter of the hose joint and the fixed steel sleeve of the head of the air pick are clean.
4、Check whether the end of the brazing of the air pick and the steel sleeve is skewed and whether the gap is suitable.
5. Scrub the end of the air pick first, then insert it into the air pick and fix it with the spring or braze card.

II. Precautions in work.

1、When the Pneumatic paving breaker continues to use, it should be refueled at any time, and when refueling, it will be poured into the rubber tube, and when the air pick is down or the pick handle is facing down, avoid pressing the switch so that the impact of the air pick will hurt people. 2、The air pipe joint and the connecting tube should be loosened and fall off at any time and should be twisted and tightened in time, and the high-pressure straight line must be fastened with the U-shaped card, and the wire cannot be used instead of the U-shaped card.
3、Keep the air pipe intact, do not make the air pipe curl, gangue, and other objects break and cause air leakage.
4、Avoid the air pick braze being stuck in the rock, and the depth of the air pick braze inserted into the rock must be under the spring/braze card of the air pick to prevent prying the rock while using the air pick.
5、When the Pneumatic paving breaker breaks down, send it to the machine shop for replacement or repair in time, and do not open and dissolve it at the workplace arbitrarily.
6、When using an air pick to deal with concrete, rocks, and other objects, generally, a large amount of dust will be generated. Operators should wear individual protective equipment such as dust masks and ear plugs to reduce harm to the human body.



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