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FY200B/FY1100 pneumatic rock drills oiling principle

FY200B/FY1100 pneumatic rock driller oiler automatic oiling principle

The high-speed movement of the internal parts of the YT27 and S250 pneumatic rock drill naturally requires the moving parts to be evenly lubricated all the time.
FY200B/FY1100 type oiler can realize automatic oiling to meet the requirements of machine lubrication.
When the machine is working, the pressurized air enters the casing cavity through the windward hole of the oil valve
(1) enters the inner cavity of the rock driller shell
(2) to apply pressure to the oil surface. The small oil outlet hole on the oil valve
(3) is perpendicular to the direction of pressure air flow, so under the condition of the high-speed flow of pressurized air, a pressure difference is formed at the oil outlet (3), so that the lubricating oil is discharged from the delivery pipe
(4) and the oil outlet hole
(5) is sprayed into the pressurized air pipeline, and at the same time, it becomes mist and enters the pneumatic rock drill and air leg with the pressurized air to lubricate the moving parts of each department.


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